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Tosohatchee - Planning Your Visit

Helpful Information

Tosohatchee offers year-round opportunities for recreation, although horses are not permitted during periods open to hunting. Small, high-quality hunts for deer and feral hog are held on several weekends in the fall. Turkey hunts are held on three weekends in March and April.

In the fall, winter and spring, temperatures are usually pleasant. These are the best times to see a variety of migratory birds, or hike, bike, and horseback ride. Butterfly and plant enthusiasts will appreciate fall and spring wildflowers and the butterflies they attract. Many varieties of ferns, bromeliads and orchids flourish here.


Tosohatchee Hunting Seasons

Year-at-a-Glance Calendar

Archery: Oct 7-10, 14-17
Muzzleloading Gun: Oct 28-31, Nov 4-7
General Gun: Nov 18-21, 26-28
Wild Hog-Dog: Jan 14-20, Feb 11-17
Turkey: Mar 19-21, Apr 1-3, 15-17

These season dates are not comprehensive guides to the hunting seasons on these areas and may be subject to change. For additional information about dates, times and regulations please check the regulations summary brochure.