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About FWRI

Naples Field Lab: Florida Panther Research

FWRI's Naples Field Lab is one of the Institute’s 31 field labs located throughout the state. Since 1981, this lab has been home to the Florida Panther Project. Learn about current research efforts to aid in the recovery and conservation of Florida panthers.



Video Spotlight

Red Tide in Florida

Red tide often affects the Gulf Coast of Florida during certain times of the year, like late summer. Not sure what that means for you, your family, and your pets? This video will teach you everything you need to know: what red tide is, red tide’s affects on health, and how we as scientists track and monitor red tide.


Inside FWRI

As the research division within FWC, FWRI operates programs statewide that focus on obtaining
the wide-ranging data and information needed by fish, wildlife, and ecosystem resource managers.

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute recruits primarily scientists and science technicians. Business services and facility maintenance also require the expertise of qualified management, administrative, public information, clerical and maintenance staff. FWRI also offers both internships and limited volunteer opportunities.

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man and young child with mother at touch tank

We invite you to MarineQuest, FWRI's annual open house. This award-winning event is an opportunity for you and your family to learn about Florida's fish and wildlife and FWRI's exciting research.

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