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Value of Conservation

Paddler on River

Florida is the land and water of our sunny peninsula that abounds in wildlife and the flora that gave rise to the state's name. The land's native people and later colonists began the process of adapting it to their needs, but as our population has exploded to nearly 18 million people and technology allows us to increasingly alter the environment the need for conservation is becoming critical.

Loss of wetlands and other native habitats to development, efforts to stabilize water levels, and the impacts of pollution, including introduction of non-native plants and animals, are all changing what Florida is. If we want to conserve the true value of what Florida is agencies, corporations, citizens and visitors need to work together as stewards of our living resources and the habitats that support them.

From the links on these pages, you can learn more about the value of conservation and what you can do to help ensure a healthy future for Florida's living essence.