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FWC Strategic Planning

The FWC envisions a Florida where fish and wildlife are abundant and thriving in healthy and connected natural landscapes with vital working lands and waterways; where natural resources are valued and safely enjoyed by all; and wherein natural systems support vibrant human communities and a strong economy.

The FWC has been developing strategic and operational plans since the agency’s inception in 1999.  The first planning effort focused on developing the structure and culture of a newly formed agency.  Subsequent planning efforts similarly focused on norms and values, including development of a collaborative and team-based culture.  The purpose of our agency's strategic planning is to leverage our values and behaviors as an agency with our operational workforce to produce significant conservation outcomes that align with an ever-changing world.

The current strategic plan builds upon the knowledge gained and lessons learned from all prior strategic planning efforts and focuses on aligning our agency resources to proactively address priorities and shift resources accordingly.  We will be intentional in identifying emerging issues and opportunities to best position the agency to achieve our mission.  We must foster an agency culture and capacity to accept, understand, engage and serve people with different interests and uses of fish, wildlife and habitats.  We will demonstrate fairness, honesty and compassion; practice dedication and adaptability; and include diverse opinions throughout our decision-making processes.