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The FWC is serious in our commitment to involve the public in decisions that affect our fish and wildlife resources.

We gather information in a number of ways and invite you to participate as much and as often as you have interests. Please read about your options and click on the links below:

Ask A Question – Looking for answers? The Ask FWC Customer Service section is here to help. If you have not found the answer you are looking for, simply click on Email Us, fill out the form to submit your question, and someone from the FWC will respond.

SurveysThis is where you may participate in current surveys the agency has open for public comment

Current Rule Change Proposals or Management Plans – Open for Comment – You can comment when proposals are open for public input. Proposed changes could be to hunting seasons, fishing bag limits, captive wildlife regulations or any other area of the Commission’s programs. We may also have a proposed management plan or revision open for comments.

How Can We Improve – Suggest improvements to the way we manage fish and wildlife for their well being and for the people. Your suggestion will be provided to agency staff for consideration for changes to program areas such as our outreach and educational materials, law enforcement protocols, land or species management protocols, public access or recreational opportunities, rules or other appropriate solutions as determined by the specific topic.

General Information on Rules and Regulations - This will explain details about FWC's Rulemaking Process.