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Discover Wild Lands

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Discover Wild Florida

Almost 6 million acres, the largest wildlife management area (WMA) system in the country, await discovery in Florida. Recharge while you fish, hunt and view wildlife or hike, bike and horseback ride on a variety of trails. You’ll find solitude (and great fishing spots) as you motor along the coastline or paddle beautiful lakes and rivers. 

These remote and scenic lands are located in every corner of the state. Explore WMAs by location or name for details on things to do, wildlife and their habitats, history and more. Entry to many areas is free, a small number charge a nominal fee.

Learn more about wildlife, habitats and our work to sustain them, by ordering recreation guides, bird lists and other interpretive products.

Some activities like fishing and hunting require licenses and permits. Visit our geocaching web page to learn about opportunities on FWC lands and permit requirements.