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Volunteers build nest boxes for the Southeastern American Kestrel at the Chinsegut Conservation Center.


Protecting Florida’s beautiful landscape and wildlife begins with you. From Pensacola Bay to Key West, the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida is working to protect Florida’s finest natural lands and waters and the wildlife they harbor. Help ensure future generations have the same outdoor experiences we have had by donating to programs of your choice. Your donations help fund projects such as nest box construction for the Southeastern American Kestrel.



When you purchase a beautiful conservation license plate, every dollar goes to support the efforts of FWC professionals who work hard to make sure that Florida's wildlife and natural habitats can survive. Not just for today, but for generations to come.

Gift Package

Gift Ideas 

Looking for a gift for that special person who loves the outdoors? The FWC has several gift suggestions to make your shopping easier. All items listed benefit programs within the FWC and help further its mission.

Young boy experiencing the outdoors in Florida.

Contribute to the FWC's Youth Programs and Activities

Help create the next generation that cares about Florida’s fish and wildlife.

Right now, kids devote nearly eight hours a day to video games and entertainment media while the time they spend outside continues to decline dramatically. The FWC is poised to take a strong leadership role in reversing this dangerous trend, with the help of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida.