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FWC Participation at Your Event

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). FWC staff attend Florida fish and wildlife related public events based on staff availability, funding, resources and event logistics.

Guidelines for Requesting FWC Participation

These are fish and wildlife related events with less than 2,000 attendees.  These events include: fishing/hunting club presentations, school presentations, community events and other outdoor club events. To contact the FWC for a small group event, please enter your request into the Ask FWC system. Staff will contact you to discuss the event and determine if circumstances allow FWC participation at your event.

If you meet these requirements, go to the Large Event Request Form now.

  • Event coordinator must give FWC at least three months notice prior to the event. (Recurring events should be scheduled each year before May for new fiscal year planning purposes)
  • Event is expected to have over 2,000 attendance (per event)
  • The event cannot conflict with FWC-sponsored events in our Calendar. (Note: FWC-sponsored events have priority when scheduling staff time, equipment and materials.)

If your event does NOT meet these guidelines and you would like to order publications, please go to our Publications Request page.  If you need further assistance, please enter your information on the Ask FWC page.

  • Staffing is dependent upon anticipated topics and interests and varies with the equipment/displays being provided. VOLUNTEER SUPPORT SUGGESTED.
    (Note: FWC-sponsored events have priority when scheduling staff time, equipment and materials.)
  • Display items provided will vary with the nature/size of the event and the availability of the display items.
  • Cost and benefits are important: High-priority audiences and topics with large audiences will require more extensive customized displays.  The additional cost and manpower required to bring additional display items must be justified by the anticipated benefits in terms of conservation stewardship messages, safety and license sales that will result from the event.  Adequate space and support requirements are associated with specific displays, which are defined by the unit delivering the display to the event site.
  • Printed handouts and miscellaneous premiums are available for distribution at most requested events (material selection is based on available supplies). Order publications or go to the  Ask FWC page.