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Wildlife Recreation

Looking for a wild experience? The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conserves over six million acres of habitat within its wildlife management area (WMA) system. Each wildlife management area contains diverse opportunities to explore and experience nature at its finest. Looking for some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities?   Explore the best Florida has to offer at one of the 513 Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail sites.  These conservation lands offer diverse ways to experience the outdoors while sustaining wildlife populations for future generations to enjoy.


Wildlife Viewing

A woodpecker on a tree

Wildlife viewing draws millions of Florida residents and tourists alike into nature each year. Want to join them? Explore the links below to learn about places to visit, species to see, and ways to get involved with the fascinating wildlife that call Florida home.

Discover Wild Lands

A dad and his kids look at photos on their phone in a natural setting.

From peaceful strolls to intense cycling and paddling, wildlife management areas and Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail sites offer something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast. Explore the activities below to get started.