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The Commission

Welcome to FWC Commission Meetings

The Florida Constitution authorizes the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to enact rules and regulations regarding the state's fish and wildlife resources. To do this, the 7 FWC Commissioners meet 4 times each year to hear staff reports, consider rule proposals and conduct other Commission business.

Stakeholder input is an important part of the FWC Commission meeting process. Because of this, FWC schedules Commission meetings at different locations across the state and offers individuals the opportunity to address the Commission about issues under consideration. FWC welcomes participation at these meetings from all stakeholders.


Public Commitment at FWC Commission Meetings

As we (the FWC) carry out our mission of managing fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people, we aim to create a positive meeting environment where all attendees can participate and observe fully.  By participating in this meeting, you agree to honor the meeting intent.

Guidelines for Public Comment at FWC Commission Meetings

Your input is welcome.  Here are some guidelines to help you prepare to share during public comment.

  1. Sign up. To speak on an agenda item, or to speak on an item that is not on the agenda, sign up with our FWC team stationed in the lobby.  Be sure to sign up before the topic begins.  The public comment on items not on the agenda is strictly for comments on topics not addressed during the meeting agenda.
  2. Be prepared. Take a moment to collect your thoughts, or jot down a few notes.  If you wish to provide supporting materials, they must be in the form of a standard sized paper handout.  If you bring handouts, have 11 copies ready and give them to the FWC team when you sign up to speak.  Leave the props, signs, displays, audio/visual recordings, and other forms of presentation at home, they are distracting and are not permitted in the meeting room.
  3. Be present and ready. The Vice Chairman will call the speakers by name after the presentation for that agenda item is complete, so make sure you are in the meeting room and ready to speak when called.
  4. Honor the time boundary. Each public comment speaker typically has three (3) minutes to speak.  Honor the time allotment so that others can have their full turn to speak.  To be respectful of everyone’s time, the Chairman may decide to limit the total comment time for a particular agenda item, or the comment time allotted to each speaker.
  5. Share respectfully. Public comments are meant to be directed to the Commission, topic-focused, civil, respectful, factual, and free from personal attacks of any sort.