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FWC Mission, Vision and Values

FWC Mission


Managing fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people.

FWC Vision

The FWC envisions a Florida where fish and wildlife are abundant and thriving in healthy and connected natural landscapes with vital working lands and waterways; where natural resources are valued and safely enjoyed by all; and wherein natural systems support vibrant human communities and a strong economy.

Every organization has an identity that is forged not only by what it does, but by how it conducts itself.  The values embedded in our mission and expressed in the vision of the FWC are to make quality decisions by being dynamic, science-informed, efficient, ethical, collaborative and committed to the vitality of the state and its environment.

We work diligently to conserve fish and wildlife in a manner that honors the public trust that has been vested in us through Florida’s constitution. This is based in long-standing law and traditions commonly referred to as the “Public Trust Doctrine.” This doctrine is steeped in the principle that fish and wildlife should be managed for the public, and reflects the belief that certain resources are an intergenerational inheritance, held in trust by government for the benefit of all current and future residents and visitors. Consistent with this tradition, we strive to reinforce an inclusive culture that provides for public access and input, technical assistance groups, stakeholder and public outreach, open communication, work teams and shared decision making. The FWC encourages scientific inquiry and diversity of thought, and actively promotes these values with our public engagement efforts.

FWC Core Values

Resource Stewardship

We are passionate about Florida’s natural resources and use our expertise to manage and conserve fish and wildlife.

Service Excellence

We are solution-oriented and committed to achieving wildlife and fisheries conservation results, and efficiently meeting the needs of the public and stakeholders.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We communicate openly and work together effectively to achieve our common goals.  We appreciate the value of diverse backgrounds, expertise, and ideas, and incorporate multiple perspectives into decision making.

Professional Integrity

We operate honestly and ethically, and apply our processes, rules, and regulations in a consistent manner that engenders a climate of trust and fairness.

Scientific and Technical Excellence

We use our science-based expert knowledge, technology, and other available resources to achieve high-quality work.


We set challenging goals for our achievement and hold ourselves accountable for the results.