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FWC Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives are intended to leverage areas of strategic importance and strengthen conservation efforts.  These initiatives are distinguished as proactive, timely and important topics requiring increased focus and a shift in resources.  SIs are not a response to urgent, reactive challenges, nor are they a shift in course due to opportunities to address topics of lower priority.  They are those critically important conservation efforts that focus on future opportunity or alignment, require dedicated attention, leverage expertise across organizational work units, and for which a shift in resources or change in operational structure may be required.  Initiatives are dynamic and can change as special emphasis is no longer needed.

This strategic approach positions the FWC to proactively address known challenges, leverage opportunities and continue to successfully fulfill our mission.  By increasing the portion of work we do that is strategic, focused and proactive, we can better adapt to our changing environment, integrate strategic solutions into our operations and position ourselves to successfully conserve fish and wildlife into the future.  The conservation gains realized through focused planning and dedicated action are both worthwhile and essential.  When strategic initiatives become fully integrated into the core components of the work we do, we achieve long-term, sustainable success.

FWC 2020-2024 Strategic Plan: Current Strategic Initiatives

The Landscape Conservation Initiative will define a unified conservation vision to be
implemented at the local level and fit within a broadly agreed-upon conservation target.
This conservation vision should be one that can be shared with and implemented by
internal and external, public and private partners to achieve broad-scaled, long-lasting
conservation outcomes. Conservation delivery at the local level will require that we
develop a network of local, state, federal, and private partners to provided technical and
financial resources (data, information, assistance, funding opportunities) and a stable
communication network.

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Recognizing the need to adapt to Florida’s changing demographics and values by
improving agency engagement and service to broader constituencies, Relevancy,
Engagement and Support focuses on the need to enhance conservation through
broader engagement, identify available capacity for and challenges to reaching and
serving more constituents, and identify logical steps to helping the public understand
the impact that fish and wildlife conservation has on their quality of life and mental
and physical well-being. This includes increasing both social and financial support for

A strong foundation to maintain our core functions is critical to sustaining the important
work we do and achieving our mission.  Investing Inward means focusing on key
challenges within our agency that, when addressed, position us to better accomplish
sustainable conservation into the future.  These challenges include 1) staff retention,
recruitment, capacity, and distribution; 2) infrastructure improvements, facilities,
technology and equipment; and 3) cultivating a culture that cares through investing in
morale, professional development, diversity and inclusion.