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Enhancing Public Access to Florida’s Natural Resources

Florida contains a wealth of natural environments. For FWRI's Information Science and Management Group (IS&M), the challenge is how to best inform the public stakeholder and how to best represent spatial information in a clear and informative way. IS&M’s Boating and Angling Guides and Pier Finder are just two products that assist the public in learning about and exploring the natural ecosystems of Florida.
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Restoring Florida's Shorebird and Seabird Populations

Initiated in 2017, this project was created to establish a shorebird program dedicated to the successful restoration of shorebird and seabird populations impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
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Application of Over 30 Years of FIM Data to Address Myriad Issues

The Fisheries Independent Monitoring (FIM) program at FWRI strives to provide timely, fisheries-independent data and analysis to fisheries managers for the conservation and protection of Florida’s fisheries. The program was established in Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor in 1989.
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Conservation Actions Tracker Update

The Conservation Actions Tracker (CAT) is a tool that provides a visual representation of past, current, and impending conservation work around the state and includes detailed information about each listed conservation action.
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Juvenile Gulf Sturgeon Population Dynamics and Habitat Growth

Effective Gulf sturgeon restoration requires a better understanding of baseline status and conditions, an ability to identify and prioritize habitats most in need of restoration, and a framework for monitoring the results of restoration in an adaptive management context. To address these needs, FWC researchers proposed to study juvenile Gulf Sturgeon habitat use and preference in estuaries in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.
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Trends in Sea Turtle Nesting in Florida

FWRI coordinates monitoring of sea turtle nesting activity in Florida through two separate and complementary programs: the Statewide Nesting Beach Survey (SNBS) program and the Index Nesting Beach Survey (INBS) program.
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Naples Field Lab: Florida Panther Research

FWRI's Naples Field Lab is one of the Institute’s 31 field labs located throughout the state. Since 1981, this lab has been home to the Florida Panther Project. Learn about current research efforts to aid in the recovery and conservation of Florida panthers.
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