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Conservation Actions Tracker Update

The Conservation Actions Tracker (CAT) is a tool that provides a visual representation of past, current, and impending conservation work around the state and includes detailed information about each listed conservation action. The CAT provides a map interface, project details and the ability to filter search results. In addition to viewing other conservation actions around the state, the CAT will allow partners to add their conservation action projects to the CAT. The tool was developed in response to requests by the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative’s (PFLCC) Steering Committee. They requested a tool that would allow them to easily find information about each other’s conservation projects.  The tool has the potential to assist partners as they pinpoint areas to focus their conservation efforts by providing a complete picture of the current and past conservation action projects in the state. With a complete picture, organizations can coordinate conservation actions to represent shared priorities across the state. The actions of each partner project are most effective as a cumulative effort towards landscape level conservation. Partners will be able to see the broader impact of their conservation actions through the CAT. This project was designed to compile information on conservation projects throughout the state of Florida so that FWC and our partners can better coordinate conservation efforts at a landscape scale.

Researchers recognized that it is challenging to stay up to date with the many conservation projects around the state. As partner organizations begin to use the Conservation Action Tracker, it will become easier to stay up to date; however, the tool will only be as good as the data entered and it is up to partners (including FWC) to take the time and add their project information.  If you would like to learn more about the CAT or would like an individual or group tutorial, contact Nicole Burns.  The CAT is on the PFLCC Conservation Planning Atlas page

Screenshot showing a map of Florida with multiple blue icons at locations all around the state.

If you are interested in using the Conservation Action Tracker, then please head over to the Conservation Planning Atlas.

This project came from the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative, which is no longer active. It was developed to provide a site where FWC staff and partners in other agencies and NGO's could find information on existing conservation projects within the state of Florida. This would allow agencies and NGO's with the goal of wildlife and landscape conservation to collaborate to improve the outcomes of their conservation efforts.

The project benefits FWC and other conservation partners in the ability to know what other conservation efforts are going on around the state, and use the information to coordinate efforts, increase efficiency, and create a greater impact to move the conservation needle. Funding came through a cooperative agreement between FWC and USFWS to provide the necessary tools to support landscape conservation in the state of Florida.

While this isn't strictly a singular research project, many conservation activities are involved in the project. Conservation projects that are planned, in progress, or completed--such as land acquisition or oyster reef restoration--by FWC and various partners around the state can be added to the CAT. Details of each conservation action entered include the counties being impacted, the project size (acres), the project type (e.g. easement, enhancement, etc.), the time frame, and a description of the work being done.