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FWRI Organizational Chart

Flow chart showing organizational structure of FWRI.

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director is responsible for managing a budget of over $115,000,000, which supports all programs and operations of the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI). FWRI’s Director leads the science sections and oversees Institute-wide functions, such as Research Operations, which provides facilities management, finance, communications and human resources support.

Research Operations
Administrative Services, Communications, Facilities Management, Human Resources

Science Programs

Center for Conservation Social Science Research
Economics, Human Dimensions, Sociology

Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration
Fish and Wildlife Health, Habitat Research, Harmful Algal Blooms Research

Freshwater Fisheries Research
Freshwater Fisheries Biology, Freshwater Fisheries Resource Assessment

Information Science and Management
Center for Biostatistics and Modeling, Center for Spatial Analysis, Research Information Services

Marine Fisheries Research
Keys Fisheries Research, Marine Fisheries Biology, Marine Fisheries-Dependent Monitoring, Marine Fisheries-Independent Monitoring, Marine Fisheries Stock Assessment, Marine Fisheries Stock Enhancement

Wildlife Research
Avian Research, Marine Mammal Research, Marine Turtle Research, Reptile and Amphibian Research, Terrestrial Mammal Research