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Tosohatchee - What's in Bloom


Site biologists use prescribed fire, mowing and other land management techniques to maintain open conditions. These techniques benefit this wildflower diversity hotspot, allowing it to flourish, which in turn supports a variety of wildlife, including butterflies.

Self-guided Wildflower Tour

Take a self-guided wildflower tour along Tosohatchee Wildflower Viewing Loop by car or hike along portions of the White Trail.

Tosohatchee's beautiful wildflowers are pleasing to visitors and important to wildlife. Enjoy the wildflowers, but leave them for the next person. Please remember, it is unlawful to cut, damage or remove plants from the WMA. 

This tour was developed in cooperation with volunteers from the Tarflower and Fern Cuplet Chapters of the Florida Native Plant Society, and the Florida Wildflower Foundation.

Wildflower Tour Map

Driving tour: From the entrance of Tosohatchee, drive straight down Beehead Road 1.1 miles. Turn left (north) on St. Nicholas Road and go 0.34 miles to Powerline Road. You can either go straight 0.3 miles to Parking Area 5 at Myrtle Point Road, or you can turn left (west) and proceed 0.9 miles to Parking Area 3. To exit, you must turn around and go out the way you came in.

To hike: From the entrance of Tosohatchee, drive 0.1 miles to Parking Area 1. Parking Area 1 is just west of the entrance to the white trail. Once on the trail, follow the white blazes. The white trail is 0.5 miles long where it crosses Powerline Road and 1.5 miles to Parking Area 5 where it intersects St. Nicholas Road. Or, from Parking Area 1, head east on Beehead Road for 1 mile to Parking Area 2 at St. Nicholas Road. From Parking Area 2, head north to Parking Area 4 at Powerline Road. You may continue north on St. Nicholas Road to Parking Area 5 at Myrtle Point Trail, or you can head west down Powerline Road 0.78 miles to where the white trail crosses Powerline Road. Bobwhite Trail is a foot path that is 0.35 miles long and stretches from Beehead Road (0.5 miles east of Parking Area 1) to Powerline Road (0.5 miles west of Parking Area 4). There is also another Parking Area 0.9 miles west of Parking Area 4, but it is 0.1 miles off the wildflower route.

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Tosohatchee WMA Wildflower Viewing Loop