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Private Lands Alligator Program

Private Lands Alligator Program

The Private Lands Alligator Management Program allows the harvest of non-hatchling alligators on private landholdings and government owned or leased lands that harbor a documented, harvestable alligator population. In addition, this program allows collection of alligator eggs and/or hatchlings with a documented minimum number of alligator nests or hatchling pods. Sovereign submerged lands are not eligible for this program.


Program News and Information

Updated! Online Alligator Harvest Report Form for Private Lands Alligator Harvest Program participants. You must know your FWC Customer ID number to access your records. This ID number is printed on the upper left side of your Alligator Trapping License. If you transfer your alligator carcass to a commercial alligator processor, you must also complete a hard copy of the alligator harvest report form and a copy of this form must be transferred with the carcass.

Download a copy of the Private Lands Alligator Program application. The application requires an inventory of alligator habitats. 

Program participants are required to verify alligator habitat, hatchling pod surveys, and population data using certified wildlife biologists, or, for habitat only, certified ecologists, certified fisheries scientists or certified foresters.

Private lands trappers can license their agents over the Internet, using the toll-free phone number, 1-888-HUNT-FLORIDA (1-888-486-8356), or by going to a tax collector's office or license agent (retail outlet that sells hunting and fishing licenses).

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