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Alligator Resources for Kids

Did you ever want to see a wild alligator up close? TIME OUT! The bite of even small alligators can result in injury, and an alligator's bite frequently becomes infected.  The best place to see an alligator is at a zoo or an alligator farm. There is a list of alligator farms and exhibits on our links page.

Tell your friends and family that it's illegal to feed wild alligators.  When alligators are fed, they can overcome their natural wariness of people, and it's more likely they will become a nuisance and have to be destroyed.

Gator with lily pad

Alligator Resources for Kids and Teachers

All About Alligators -- A coloring book for young people that tells all about alligators and how to live safely around them. 

Alligator Activity Book -- Fun facts, puzzles and games about Florida's State Reptile!

Nuisance Alligator Public Service Announcement

Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

FWC Alligator Research Publications