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Holey Land - Planning Your Visit

Helpful Information

A pair of woodstork in flight.

Fall and winter are the best seasons to hunt waterfowl and white-tailed deer. Winter is also a good time to observe snail kites, red-shouldered hawks and migratory birds. White ibis, snowy egrets, great egrets and other wading birds are common on the area, as well as many water birds, including limpkin and bitterns. The best time to observe an abundance of wading birds is in the spring, when water levels are usually low and fish are concentrated in the canals. Songbirds use the western forested area during spring and fall migration. Hiking and bicycling is best on non-hunting days in the fall through the spring when temperatures are lower and bugs fewer. Hikers, bicyclers and paddlers should wear brightly colored clothing during seasonal hunts, and avoid the first hour or so of daylight to minimize disturbance to hunters.

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  • For hours of operation and vehicle use guidelines, see the regulations summary brochure.
  • Dogs are permitted, but must be kept under physical restraint at all times.
    Regulations regarding hunting dogs can be found in the regulations summary brochure.
  • Restrooms are not available at this location.
  • No daily-use permit is required. To hunt or fish you must possess the appropriate license and permit.
  • Camping is allowed only on the L-5 and Miami Canal levees during hunting seasons and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only during non-hunting periods. See the regulations summary brochure for hunting season dates.
  • When water levels are adequate, the marsh can be accessed from unimproved boat ramps located in the southwestern and southeastern corners of the property. The northern seepage canal can be accessed from a boat ramp in the northwestern corner of Holey Land.
  • During scheduled hunt days, all WMA visitors are encouraged to wear a daylight fluorescent orange shirt, vest, jacket and/or hat.



Holey Land Hunt Calendar

View hunting seasons and dates and download a 'Year-at-a-Glance' calendar of hunt days on the area.