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Babcock/Webb - Planning Your Visit

Helpful Information

Babcock/Webb WMA offers something for everyone, in all seasons. Visit in fall or spring to view the tremendous diversity of migratory birds that visit the area. The network of roads through the area means you can explore in the heat of summer without facing an onslaught bugs. Winter visitors can comfortably fish in and around the network of ponds scattered throughout the property.

Archery, general gun and small game seasons occur in the fall. Hikers should wear brightly colored clothing during seasonal hunts and avoid the first hour or so of daylight to minimize disturbance to hunters.


Hunting Seasons

Year-at-a-Glance Calendars


  • Archery: Sep 11-15
  • General Gun: Nov 6-14
  • Small Game: Nov 15-28, Dec 1 – Jan 16 (Wed, Thu, Sat and Sun only)
  • Field Trail Area Quail: Jan 22-23
  • Raccoon & Opossum: Feb 1-28
  • Migratory Birds: See migratory bird hunting dates

Yucca Pens Unit

  • Muzzleloading Gun: Oct 15-17
  • General Gun: Oct 30 – Nov 7
  • Small Game: Nov 10 – Jan 9 (Wed, Thu, Sat and Sun only) Nov 26
  • Raccoon & Opossum: Feb 1 – Mar 31
  • Migratory Birds: See migratory bird hunting dates

These season dates are not comprehensive guides to the hunting seasons on these areas and may be subject to change. For additional information about dates, times and regulations please check the regulations summary brochures for Babcock/Webb and the Yucca Pens Unit.