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Who needs licenses and permits when visiting Florida?

Non-residents who are 16 years of age or older are required to have Florida licenses and permits to participate in hunting, freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing.  

  • Out-of-state fishing and hunting licenses are not valid in Florida. 
  • A fishing license is required to attempt to take fish.  If you cast a line or catch and release, you need a license. 
  • A saltwater fishing license is required to attempt to take any native or nonnative marine organisms, such as crabs, lobsters, and marine plants.
  • Visitors who are listed on the National Saltwater Angler Registry are still required to have a Florida recreational saltwater fishing license unless they are a member of one of the exempted groups listed.
  • Non-residents using beach or haul seines for recreational purposes are required to have a commercial saltwater products license.

New to Florida but haven't switched your residency just yet?  Find out more about residency requirements.  

Licenses, permits and fees:

Need help choosing the right license and permits?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for help!


Who does not need Florida licenses and permits when visiting?

The following non-residents do not need recreational licenses and permits in Florida:

  • A child under 16 years of age.

A saltwater fishing license and permits are not required if:

* These exceptions do not apply to tarpon tags.

A freshwater fishing license is not required if:

  • You are fishing in a fish pond of 20 acres or less which is located entirely within the private property of its owner.  A fish pond is a man-made pond constructed for the primary purpose of fishing, entirely within the property lines of the owner and with no surface water connection to public waters.
  • You are fishing during a free freshwater fishing day.
  • You are fishing in a freshwater fish pond of 20 acres or more, whose owner has purchased a fish pond license at a fee of $3 per surface acre.
  • You are fishing in the St. Mary's River or Lake Seminole (but not including tributary creeks in Florida) and have a valid Georgia fishing license.

A hunting license and permits are not required if:

  • You are hunting for wild hogs on private land.

Non-resident visitors with disabilities do not meet the criteria to receive a no-cost Persons with Disabilities Resident Hunt/Fish license.  That license is not a disability accommodation but an economic accommodation for the segment of Florida's disabled population who may not be able to afford to pay for the license.