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What qualitifies as Florida residency?


For the purposes of fishing or hunting in Florida, a resident is defined as:

  • Any person who has declared Florida as his or her only state of residence as evidenced by a valid Florida driver license or identification card with both a Florida address and a Florida residency verified by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). 
  • Active duty United States military personnel stationed in Florida, including spouses and dependent children residing in the household, with military orders.

Acceptable Proofs of Florida Residency:

Primary proof: 

  • Florida Driver License or ID Card (with Florida address and residency verified by the Florida DHSMV)
  • Florida Military Orders (active-duty United States military personnel and their immediate family members also stationed here)

Alternate proof (may be used only by Florida residents who do not have a Florida Driver License or ID Card):

  • Current Florida voter registration information card
  • Declaration of domicile (may be obtained from county clerk’s office)
  • Florida homestead exemption
  • NOTE: Landlord certification is no longer accepted as an alternate proof of residency.

For youths under the age of 18, there are two additional options for proving residency:

  • Student identification card from a Florida school
  • Parent's proof of residency (youth must be accompanied by the parent at the time of purchase)

Additional documentation is also required when purchasing a lifetime license for a child under 13 years of age.