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Private Fish Pond License

If you own a fish pond of more than 20 acres which is located entirely within your property, you may obtain a Private Fish Pond License from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to exempt persons fishing in your pond from the recreational freshwater fishing license requirement.

The license costs $3 per surface acre.

Private Fish Pond License Application


These two license exemptions may also apply when fishing in private fish ponds:

  1. Anyone fishing in a fish pond of 20 acres or less which is located entirely within the private property of its owner does not need a freshwater fishing license.  A fish pond is a man-made pond constructed for the primary purpose of fishing, entirely within the property lines of the owner and with no surface water connection to public waters.
  2. People who freshwater fish in their county of residence on their homestead or the homestead of their spouse or minor child, or who are a minor child freshwater fishing on the homestead of his or her parent do not need a freshwater fishing license.