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How Hunters Support Waterfowl Conservation

Decoys floating on the water at sunrise

Waterfowl hunters contribute to wildlife conservation, including species that aren’t hunted, in the following ways:

  • Money from hunting license sales is used to manage the state’s native wildlife and their habitats.
  • Florida waterfowl permit fees go directly toward waterfowl management.
  • Revenue from management area permits helps fund managing Florida’s WMAs.
  • Federal duck stamp sales are used to acquire and protect wetland habitat not just in Florida, but throughout North America.
  • The no-cost migratory bird permit provides valuable data to waterfowl managers.
  • In addition, manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and archery equipment and hunters who purchase these items contribute to conservation through the Wildlife Restoration Program, which brings funding back to state wildlife agencies such as the FWC.
  • Many hunters also volunteer their time and contribute money to conservation organizations.