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Support Conservation

Hunters support conservation in a variety of ways. The purchase of a hunting license directly supports conservation and also contributes in a less obvious way. Every hunting license that’s bought is factored into a formula that determines the amount of federal grant funding a state receives through the Wildlife Restoration program. These funds, which are provided to state wildlife management agencies such as the FWC, are from the sporting arms, ammunition and archery industries and the people who take part in hunting and target shooting. The more Florida licenses purchased, the more money this state receives for public use and access to wildlife resources, hunter education, shooting range development and management, habitat conservation and science-based wildlife management for a range of wildlife including species that are not hunted.

In addition, many hunters participate in on-the-ground conservation projects. They also serve as the eyes and ears in the field, providing the FWC with important information about what’s happening in the most remote parts of the state. They help the FWC protect and conserve Florida’s natural resources by reporting fish and wildlife violations and habitat conditions and monitoring wildlife populations.

As a hunter, you’re part of this proud tradition of hunter-conservationists. You can also contribute by getting  involved with an organization that works on behalf of conservation, hunting and target shooting. Becoming a member or volunteer is also a great way to meet others who share your interest in the outdoors.