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Duck hunter wearing camouflage clothes and waders.

There are a variety of ways to hunt waterfowl in Florida, so necessary equipment can vary. The basic equipment needed is a shotgun, waders and decoys. Most hunters use 12- or 20-gauge shotguns with steel shot size #4 to #2. Find more information about nontoxic shot regulations for hunting waterfowl.

Many wildlife management areas provide walk-in opportunities in shallow wetlands where no boat or watercraft is needed. Deeper lakes and impoundments usually require at least a kayak or canoe, but larger boats can simplify the hunt.

Basic equipment needed for waterfowling. Camo clothes, waders, shotgun and nontoxic shot

Camouflage pants, shirts and jackets can help conceal you. When choosing which pattern to use, consider where you’ll be hunting to ensure you’re blending into the background. Also, dressing in layers will help you stay comfortable whether you’re hunting early season or late season ducks. In addition, a pair of waders can keep you dry when hunting shallow wetlands.

Manual (mouth-operated) duck calls may be used, but recorded game calls and sounds may not be used to hunt any game animals, including waterfowl. However, most species of waterfowl in Florida do not readily respond to calls, so most hunters do not use duck calls in this state. If one is used, it should be used sparingly because too much calling can turn ducks away.

Duck decoy floating on the water

Decoys may be used, including those with spinning wings. They can be beneficial for attracting waterfowl when used strategically. See hunting tips section for decoy placement strategies.