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Florida's Waterfowl


Florida mottled ducks have an intrinsic, aesthetic value and are highly prized as a game bird. Also they are a defining member of the unique suite of species characteristic of the prairie ecosystem of south Florida.

mottled ducks

Wood ducks are small to medium sized ducks, with a noticeably crested head. Males are brightly colored, while females are brownish gray. Both males and females have a white patch around the eyes and throat.

wood duck

Fulvous whistling ducks prefer shallow wetlands and flooded agricultural fields such as rice.

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are loud and gregarious ducks, often heard well before they are seen.

fulvous whistling duck
Black-bellied whistling duck

Released mallards are the number one threat to the Florida mottled duck. Hybridization between these species is a real concern and should not be taken lightly. Learn more.

Approximately 20 species of waterfowl migrate to or through Florida during the fall and winter. Wintering areas are important, as they influence duck survival and subsequent reproduction on the breeding grounds. The FWC devotes considerable resources to monitoring and managing these migratory birds and their habitats.