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Mallard Control

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Mallard Control Permit

The 2024-2025 federal permit is NOW available.

Mallard Control Permits expire annually on March 31st. 

New permits are available April 1st.

By issuing these permits, FWC hopes to provide relief for nuisance situations and to help reduce hybridization, or cross-breeding, between feral mallards and Florida's wild, native mottled duck.  More detailed information on the problem of hybridization is available on our Waterfowl website.

Mallard control permits allow the following type of control:

  1. Lethal control and trapping of feral mallards - May 1 through August 31 annually.
  2. Destruction of nests and eggs of feral mallards - year-round.

This permit is NOT a hunting license. All provisions set forth in the state and federal permits must be adhered to.  Read them carefully.

In order to carry out mallard control, you must:

  1. Obtain a free FWC Mallard Control Permit (requires a printer to print the permit).  You may also apply by phone or mail for a Mallard Control Permit 
    1. By phone: 850-488-5878
    2. By mail:
      Waterfowl Management Program
      8932 Apalachee Parkway
      Tallahssee, FL  32311
  2. Print a copy of the federal permit 
  3. Fill out a data sheet to record permit activity and take.  This data sheet must be returned by mail or reported online, regardless of activity, by April 30th.

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