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Waterfowl Identification

Waterfowl Gallery - Provides a picture and sound of common North American waterfowl, as well as breeding, migratory, and winter habitat requirements, and population status. A Ducks Unlimited, Inc. site.

Teal and Wood Duck Identification Video - What Florida duck hunters should look for when identifying teal and wood ducks during the September early duck hunting season.

Ducks at a Distance - A waterfowl identification guide designed to help you recognize birds on the wing. It emphasizes their fall and winter plumage patterns as well as size, shape, and flight characteristics.

Comparison of Mallard, Black and Mottled Ducks 

All About Birds Duck Identification Guide

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Guide to Identifying North American Waterfowl

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Duck ID by Wing Videos