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Mallard Possession Permits

Please read the Mallard Possession Rule and FAQs before applying for these permits.

Apply for a permit.

The following permits are available for possession of mallard ducks.

  • No-cost Personal Pet Permit for Class III Wildlife (includes mallards). 
    (Per 68A-6.002)
  • License to Possess Wildlife for Exhibition or Public Sale 
    Annual permit for Class III wildlife is $50 for an unlimited number of animals.
  • Permit for Wildlife and Migratory Bird Rehabilitation 
    This is an application through USFWS.   
    There is a $25 fee (paid to the USFWS) if you are approved for the permit. 
    (per 68A-9.006)
  • Private Game Farm License
    $50 annual fee 
  • Private Hunting Preserve License*  
    $70 annual fee.   
    * Note: No new preserves are being licensed to release mallards, per 68A-12.010 (12).