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New Nonnative Species Rules

Weasel screeching

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) needs your feedback on proposed rule changes that relate to nonnative species in Florida.

To collect public input, the FWC held a series of public workshops where the public could comment on the conceptual changes. People can continue to submit comments and feedback on nonnative species rules by using the online comment box or by email to

Rule 68-5.002


Twelve terms that are commonly used in the nonnative species rules do not currently have clear definitions.

If passed, this rule would improve the clarity and intent of these terms, which will help the public better understand these rules and help the FWC review permit applications.

Read the proposed rule language for 68-5.002 Definitions

Rule 68-5.006

Prohibited Species

The FWC is proposing to add 4 reptiles, 4 birds, and 5 types of mammals to the Prohibited Species list. These species pose a high-risk to Florida if introduced into the state. They are regulated by the federal government as injurious wildlife but are not currently regulated by the State of Florida.

If passed, this rule would require a permit to import and/or possess these species in Florida and prohibit these species from being possessed for personal or commercial use.

Read the proposed rule language for 68-5.006 Prohibited Nonnative Species

Rule 68-5.007

Possession of Prohibited Species

The FWC recognizes that there may be individuals who already possess the species that are proposed to be added to the Prohibited list as personal pets.

If passed, this rule would “grandfather” those people, and allow them to get a no-cost permit to possess their pet for the rest of the animal’s life. However, they would not be allowed to acquire any new Prohibited species for personal possession, unless they are accepting a transfer of a permitted Prohibited species from an owner who has passed away.

Read the proposed rule language for 68-5.007 Possession of Prohibited Nonnative Species

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Nonnative Rules Comment

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. All comments submitted through this form will be reviewed by staff as we move through the commenting and rule consideration processes. This form is for providing comments only. Please direct any questions to