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Regulations for Prohibited Snakes and Lizards

FWC Commissioners approved rule changes to Chapter 68-5, F.A.C. on February 25, 2021 which added 16 high-risk nonnative reptiles to Florida’s Prohibited list. Possession of these species by eligible entities is now limited to the purposes of research, educational exhibition, control or eradication, and for qualifying commercial use sales (green iguanas and tegus only) and pet owners (green iguanas and tegus only).

Important Dates For New Rules

Effective date for new rules: April 29, 2021

90-day grace period to apply for a permit, upgrade indoor caging, and have any qualifying animals PIT tagged ends: July 28, 2021

180-day grace period to upgrade outdoor caging requirements for Prohibited reptile species ends: October 26, 2021

Persons or businesses in possession of the newly listed Prohibited reptiles for commercial sale use have until July 28, 2021 to liquidate their inventory in Florida. These species may not be possessed for commercial sale purposes in Florida after July 28, 2021, except green iguanas or tegus possessed by qualifying entities under a limited exception commercial use permit.

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Python slithering

The following species, including their taxonomic successors, subspecies, hybrids or eggs, are listed as Prohibited snakes and lizards:

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