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Map turtles are primarily riverine and each species is typically confined to one or just a few river drainages. Florida is home to two of the fourteen map turtle species found in the southeastern United States: Barbour’s map turtle (Gratemys barbouri) and Escambia map turtle (Graptemys ernsti). Both map turtle species are only found in Florida’s panhandle: Barbour's map turtles are found in the Apalachicola, Chipola, Choctawhatchee and Ocklockonee rivers while Escambia map turtles are limited to the Escambia and Yellow Rivers. Barbour's map turtles are a State-designated Threatened species and both species are federally listed due to similarity of appearance to the Pearl River map turtle (G. pearlensis).

Female Escambia map turtle by Pierson Hill

Escambia map turtle