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Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines

Public Comment Period Open

The Commission is gathering public input for the development of Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines for 7 species, including the white ibis, snowy egret, Sanibel Island rice rat, Lake Eustis pupfish, bluenose shiner, Pine Barrens treefrog, and short-tailed snake. Please see below for more details.

Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines are being developed for all species included Florida's Imperiled Species Management Plan. Completion of Guidelines for all species included in Florida's Imperiled Species Management Plan is anticipated by 2021.

Opportunities for public input are currently available for the following draft Guidelines:

The current public comment period will run from August 23rd - September 23rd, 2019. During this time, stakeholders can provide written comments on the Guidelines linked above to Webinars will also be conducted during this time and are open to the public; for more information see the webinar announcement.

These Guidelines are intended to provide clear information on the requirements established in F. A. C. related to intentional and incidental take permitting. They also provide guidance on species range, survey methodology, and recommended practices.

For questions or comments about permits, please visit our Protected Wildlife Permits page. To report a wildlife violation, please visit our Wildlife Alerts page.

For Florida Burrowing Owls, the FWC’s frequently asked questions provide additional information on protections and permitting for burrowing owls. You can read answers to the questions we received at our open house burrowing owl meetings in June and July 2017.