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Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines

Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines are being developed for all species included Florida's Imperiled Species Management Plan. Completion of Guidelines for all species included in Florida's Imperiled Species Management Plan is anticipated in 2021.

While guidelines are being developed, stakeholders can provide written comments on the Guidelines to Public webinars will be conducted during public comment periods, which occur for each set of Guidelines developed. Public comment opportunities will be advertised in the Florida Administrative Register and on this webpage

These Guidelines are intended to provide clear information on the requirements established in F. A. C. related to intentional and incidental take permitting. They also provide guidance on species range, survey methodology, and recommended practices.


Public Comment Period Closed for Draft Guidelines for December 2021 Commission Meeting

Draft Guidelines for December 2021 Commission Meeting

Black Skimmers

The public comment period has ended for the draft Guidelines. Revised draft Guidelines with incorporated feedback from the public comment period (see version below) will be presented to Commissioners at the December 2021 Commission Meeting and will seek Commissioner direction to continue engaging with stakeholders and to return to a future Commission Meeting for final approval. 

Revised Draft Imperiled Beach-nesting Bird Guidelines 

Guidelines Public Webinar Presentation

Below are the Guidelines approved by the Commission

For questions or comments about permits, please visit our Protected Wildlife Permits page. To report a wildlife violation, please visit our Wildlife Alerts page.