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Past Florida Events

This section presents information and articles about some of the algal bloom events and red tides that occurred in Florida over the past several years.

Prymnesium parvum Blooms in Florida (2005-present)
Effects of the toxin producer known as golden algae have been localized within the state to small ponds and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Effects of Brown Tide in the Indian River Lagoon (2012)
A bloom of Aureoumbra lagunensis that began in July 2012 discolored water in the northern Indian River Lagoon.

Takayama Blooms in Collier and Lee Counties (2011)
Discolored water and fish kills occurred along the Collier County coast in July 2011. Investigations revealed blooms of the nontoxic dinoflagellate Takayama tuberculata. An isolated bloom appeared in Lee County with no negative effects reported.

Noctiluca scintillans Bloom Off Florida's Panhandle (2011)
Samples of discolored water and "froth" reported in February 2011 along Okaloosa and Walton county coastlines revealed a bloom of the nontoxic dinoflagellate but no adverse effects.

2010 Peridinium quinquecorne Bloom in Southwest Florida (2010)
Peridinium quinquecorne is a nontoxic dinoflagellate that bloomed alongshore of southwest Florida in 2010.

Red Tide on the Northeast Coast of Florida (2007)
In September of 2007 through January of 2008, a Karenia brevis bloom occurred on the northeast coast of Florida, but it was not the first time.

Summary of Choctawhatchee Bay Aquatic Animal Mortalities (2006)
Aquatic animal mortalities in Choctawhatchee Bay in January 2006 were caused by brevetoxin exposure after a bloom of the Florida red tide organism, Karenia brevis.

Red Tide and Offshore Benthic Mortality (2005)
In 2005, a Florida red tide became trapped in bottom waters causing widespread deaths of benthic, or bottom-dwelling, organisms.

Dark Water Events in Florida
Read summaries of several recent dark water events in Florida and learn how they can affect humans and ecosystems.

Dolphin Mortality Event in Northwest Florida (2004)
A dolphin mortality event was initially reported from St. Joseph Bay in northwest Florida in March 2004. By the end of April, dolphin mortalities totaled 107. Dolphin tissues contained elevated brevetoxin levels and trace amounts of domoic acid.