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Manatee Response By The Numbers

Weekly Update: 01/21/2022

Monitoring and feeding efforts are on-going at the Temporary Field Response Station in Brevard County. Manatees were observed eating vegetation provided by our team at the Response Station for the first time on Thursday, Jan. 20. While this is an encouraging step, we do not yet know if this behavior will continue. 

Additionally, numbers of manatees observed at the field site appear to be increasing, but this could shift pending any weather and water temperature changes. Manatees of varying size classes (calf, subadult, adult) have also been seen. 

A new shipment of produce is arriving today and staff will continue to place these food materials into the PVC feeding corrals and submerged feeders. The team will keep monitoring manatees onsite as well as assisting and responding to manatees affected by the Unusual Mortality Event along the Atlantic coast.