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Manatee Mortality Statistics

Manatee Necropsy

Manatee Mortality Statistics

Wildlife experts with the FWC perform consistent, high quality postmortem examinations of carcasses.   Results from the examinations are summarized and available to be searched by county, month, year, and probable cause of death.   

2021 Manatee Mortalities
View the preliminary manatee mortality report and monthly manatee mortality data for 2021.

Yearly Mortality Statistics
View 1974 to 2020 yearly summaries of manatee mortality for the state of Florida. 

Manatee Mortality Search
This summary database of individual manatee deaths allows users to search for information by county, cause of death, and date. 

Red Tide Manatee Mortalities
View 1996 to 2021 yearly summaries of red tide-related manatee deaths for the state of Florida. 

Descriptions of Manatee Death Categories

Manatee deaths are broken down into nine categories based on gross (visible to the naked eye), histological, and microbiological findings.