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Largemouth Bass

Here you can find research articles dedicated to Florida's favorite freshwater sportfish, the largemouth bass.

Largemouth Bass Tagging Studies
Tagging studies help biologists learn about largemouth bass populations and associated fishing activity throughout Florida.

Stocked Bass Learn Survival Skills
Researchers experiment with new hatchery procedures to better prepare young largemouth bass for the perils of the wild.

Largemouth Bass Virus (LMBV) and Its Effects on Largemouth Bass Resources in Florida
What is LMBV and what happens when fish become infected? Is it a concern in Florida? This article chronicles what we currently know about LMBV and its effects on Florida's largemouth bass populations.

Stocking Evaluation of Hatchery-Reared Largemouth Bass in Lake Talquin
Largemouth bass were stocked in Lake Talquin, Florida, from 2000 to 2002. This study evaluated those efforts.

Black Basses FAQ
Do you have questions about largemouth bass and other black bass species? Read the black basses FAQ for answers.

What do Florida Largemouth Bass Need to Reach Trophy Size?
FWRI biologists discuss the factors that contribute to the growth of trophy-sized Florida largemouth bass.

Statewide Tagging Study Lands in Merritt's Mill Pond: A Photo Set on Flickr
A statewide research project that measures catch and harvest rates for trophy-sized (≥8lbs) largemouth bass in Florida.

Bed Fishing Research
FWRI researchers have completed a four-year study looking at the consequences of bed fishing.

Fish Attractors in Lake Griffin: A Photo Set on Flickr
Biologists are studying the performance of both natural and man-made fish attractors.

Largemouth Bass Nest Angling Effects: A Photo Set on Flickr
Biologists assess the impacts of angling on nesting largemouth bass.