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Black Bass Conservation

There are five species of black bass inhabiting Florida's fresh waters. Here, you can find information on the lesser known spotted, shoal, Suwannee and Choctaw basses.


Scientists Recognize New Bass Species in Florida Waters
The Choctaw bass, which was long mistaken for spotted bass, is found in coastal rivers along the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama.

Chipola River Habitat Critical to Shoal Bass Spawning
Biologists report the results of a study investigating shoal bass spawning behavior and habitat in the Chipola River.

Black Basses FAQ
Do you have questions about black bass species? Read the black basses FAQ for answers.

Florida Bass Conservation
FWRI biologists work to preserve the genetic purity of Florida’s premier freshwater sport fish.

Bass Genetics Study Flickr Set
View photos of black bass research in the state of Florida.