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Florida has a great diversity of freshwater mussels and snails. Many of these species are highly imperiled. Biologists work to learn more about Florida’s freshwater mollusks.


Florida’s Freshwater Mussels and Clams
Read a brief introduction about Florida’s freshwater mussels and clams and access an additional resource to learn more.

Freshwater Mussel Host Fish Research
Researchers in Holt, Florida are studying freshwater mussel and host fish interactions to improve conservation efforts.

Freshwater Mussel Monitoring Flickr Set
View photos of researchers assessing the current status of freshwater mussels in Florida.

Freshwater Mussel Rediscovered
Biologists rediscovered a freshwater mussel not seen in 20 years while working in the Ochlockonee River.

Florida's Apple Snails
Shining a spotlight on Florida’s apple snail populations.


Freshwater Mussel Gravidity Almanac (FMGA)

Access the Freshwater Mussel Gravidity Almanac
A crowd sourcing project for the compilation of standardized data on the reproductive timing of Florida’s native freshwater mussel species. The FMGA is a tool for biologists, managers, and enthusiasts to contribute to authenticated temporal and spatial data. The availability of these data will contribute to future research, conservation, and recovery efforts.

Freshwater Mussel Gravidity Submission Form
The public can contribute records by submitting them here. This submission form can be accessed through the phone application or on a desktop computer. After your record is reviewed and validated, it will be incorporated into the Freshwater Mussel Gravidity Almanac page (see link above).

Download the Record Upload Template
Large pre-existing datasets can be submitted by downloading the excel template above, rather than submitting records individually through the application. Follow the instructions for formatting, and email the template to Any questions or concerns may also be directed here.

Video: Standardizing a Non-Lethal Method for Characterizing the Reproductive Status and Larval Development of Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida)
Freshwater mussel conservation is dependent on monitoring reproductive patterns and processes of species. This study standardizes a non-lethal protocol for sampling gill contents, characterizing larval development, and providing a digital repository for data collected. This protocol-database package will be an important tool for mussel researchers in recovery of imperiled species.