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Bullfrog Creek Wildlife and Environmental Area

Located less than five miles from Tampa Bay, Bullfrog Creek WEA protects hundreds of acres of vital natural habitat in populous Hillsborough County.


The WEA is home to a variety of uplands and wetlands that support many kinds of imperiled, rare and common wildlife. The area also helps protect the water quality of Bullfrog Creek and its wider floodplain.

FWC manages this natural area for the benefit of wildlife, while also providing opportunities for wildlife viewing based public outdoor recreation. Gopher tortoise burrows, which help support a large amount of other wildlife, can be found throughout the uplands, and a variety of resident and migratory birds can be found on the WEA throughout the year.

Hours of Operation

The access gate off Hwy 301 is open from dawn to dusk.

Rules About Use

Only pedestrian access is allowed. No vehicles, bicycles or horseback riding are allowed at Bullfrog Creek WEA.

No hunting is allowed on this area.

What It Costs to Visit

No fee or daily-use permit is required.


No restrooms are available on this area.


Dogs are permitted but must be kept under physical restraint at all times.

Get directions by selecting an entrance icon on the entrance finder map.

Turn west off US Hwy 301 just south of the Florida Forestry Office and continue down the improved road to reach the parking area for Bullfrog Creek WEA.

Bullfrog Creek Trail Guide

Wildlife Viewing

Immerse yourself in nature and keep an eye out for native wildlife as you travel the trails of the WEA.

Check out the plants and animals that people have seen at Bullfrog Creek WEA or add observations of your own by visiting the Bullfrog Creek WEA Nature Trackers project.

Add your bird sightings to the Bullfrog Creek WEA eBird Hotspot.


The variety of plants and animals on this natural area make for a great hiking experience. Bring your binoculars to look for hawks, woodpeckers and other birds, or use the iNaturalist app to practice your plant identification skills as you travel the trails.

Download the Bullfrog Creek WEA Trail Guide.

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