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Habitats provide the food, water, shelter and space animals need to thrive and reproduce. At Bullfrog Creek WEA, you will find mostly upland habitats, including pine flatwoods and oak hammocks. Forested wetlands, small marshes and other lowland habitats can be found among the uplands. These natural areas support not only wildlife, but also a variety of native plants, including some that are imperiled.


two vehicles parked across the road from a prescribed fire on a natural area

Biologists use carefully planned prescribed fires to promote healthy habitats at Bullfrog Creek WEA.

The goal of management activities on Bullfrog Creek WEA is to promote habitat conditions most critical for gopher tortoises and other wildlife. Biologists manage and protect the native habitats with selective hardwood control and prescribed fire, which mimics the role natural fires played in maintaining habitats in the past.

In addition to the management work described here, biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rely on a wide range of techniques to ensure that natural areas throughout the state stay healthy for wildlife and inviting to visitors.