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Bell Ridge Longleaf - Things To Do

Bell Ridge

Explore quiet trails that traverse scenic rolling sandhills.

Wildlife Viewing

Sight Seeing at Bell ridge

Visitors can enjoy well-managed sandhill habitat with its seasonal displays of wildflowers and wildlife such as gopher tortoises, eastern indigo snakes, fox squirrels, butterflies, woodpeckers, kestrels and a variety of resident and seasonal songbirds. Visit the wildlife page for more details.


Couple walking down Bell Ridge

More than 11 miles of firebreaks and unimproved roads, as well as a three-mile loop trail, create hiking opportunities that are most pleasant in the cooler, winter months.  The rolling terrain provides scenic views and showcases well-managed sandhill habitats and wildlife diversity.

The three mile loop trail begins at the parking area and travels in a figure-eight pattern through the site. Stay either left or right at all trail intersections to complete the full loop. The trail is mostly flat and offers a unique view at one of the healthiest mature longleaf pine forests in this region of Florida.