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Bell Ridge Longleaf - Planning Your Visit

Helpful Information

Kestrel flying

The most comfortable seasons to visit are fall, winter and spring. The highlight of the fall season is the profusion of wildflowers. Spring offers opportunities to see migratory songbirds and is one of the best times to hear the beautiful song of the male Bachman’s sparrow.

Get directions by selecting an entrance icon on the entrance finder map.

  • Download the Bell Ridge Longleaf WEA Trail Map.
  • Vehicles, bicycles and horses are not permitted on trails at Bell Ridge Longleaf WEA. Public access other than by foot is prohibited.
  • Dogs are permitted but must be kept under physical restraint at all times.
  • Please enter and exit at only the designated entrance found on the southwest corner of the area.
  • No Daily-Use Permit is required.
  • Hunting or fishing are not allowed on this area.
  • Restrooms are not available at this location. Amenities include an ADA accessible parking spot with a sidewalk to a kiosk.