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General Information

The FWC does not sell trap tags.  Commercial harvesters must purchase spiny lobster or stone crab trap certificates and blue crab endorsement numbers from other harvesters.  Check ads in newspapers and other classifieds to find trap tags and blue crab endorsements that are for sale. Spiny Lobster and Stone Crab trap tags, Blue Crab Endorsements, Marine Life Endorsements, and Lampara Net endorsements may be transferred only between May 1 and the last day of February.  You must submit a signed and completed Transfer Application and bill of sale if applicable and all fees before the specified trap tags or endorsement(s) will be transferred.  The documents must have been notarized no more than 72 hours (3 days) prior to receipt by the FWC.

Seller Requirements

All of the seller’s current and past tag fees, license fees, and other fees owed to the FWC must be paid.  The seller must hold an active SPL, a Restricted Species Endorsement (RS), and a Spiny Lobster (Crawfish) Endorsement (C) Stone Crab Endorsement (X), Blue Crab (VH or VS) endorsement, Marine Life Endorsement, Lampara Net endorsement (Purse Sein/PS required but RS is not) or Commercial Dive Endorsement (C-D).

  • An RS is not required if the seller of spiny lobster or stone crab trap tags is selling all his trap tags and getting out of the fishery.

Buyer Requirements

The buyer must have a current SPL with all applicable endorsements at the time of transfer and must have paid all current applicable license fees, and other fees owed to the FWC.  Buyer may submit application for the license and endorsements with the transfer application. 

  • Please note that if the buyer is unable to qualify for the endorsements the transfer application will be denied and any funds submitted will be refunded.  Incomplete applications will not be processed, and will be returned to the applicant.

A complete copy of the applicable rules can be found in Chapter 379, Florida Statutes and Chapters 68B and 68E, Florida Administrative Code, or by contacting the licensing program.