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Proposed Rule Revisions for Diamondback Terrapin

photo of a diamondback terrapin

In Spring 2020, the FWC assembled a standing team to oversee a comprehensive approach for potential conservation actions that would benefit diamondback terrapin in Florida. As part of a suite of conservation actions, FWC staff are seeking feedback from the public on proposed changes to rule 68A-25.002, F.A.C., for diamondback terrapin in Florida. These proposed changes would eliminate take of terrapins from the wild and eliminate possession of these turtles except where authorized by an FWC-issued permit.

As part of the effort to solicit feedback on these proposed rule revisions, FWC staff presented two webinars open to anyone interested focused on anticipated impacts of the proposed revisions, threats to diamondback terrapins, and ongoing research and conservation efforts for the species in Florida.

A PDF of the webinar presentation is available for anyone who was unable to participate in the webinars.

A public comment period on the proposed rule revisions was held between August 16 and September 13, 2021. Any questions on rule revisions for diamondback terrapins should be directed to