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Get Involved in Nonnative Species Management

Anyone can help with nonnative species management. There are a variety of ways to get involved, and not all require slogging through swamps or handling wild animals. We want to encourage people to find ways they can participate. Every action helps protect native species!

Python Patrol

python being held by jeff and participant

Learn how to safely capture Burmese pythons. Anyone can attend, but minors need to have an adult or legal guardian present.

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Florida Python Challenge

Florida Python Challenge Logo


                                                                      Win prizes for removing pythons! The Florida Python Challenge® is a ten-day competition, challenging participants to remove as many Burmese pythons from Florida’s public lands as possible. 

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Python Action Team

Python being caught

Get paid to remove pythons! The FWC encourages hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreationists to consider applying and joining our team.

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Iguana Removal Project

Green Iguana sitting in grass

This FWC volunteer program in Davie and Boca Raton focuses on targeted removal of black spinytail iguanas and green iguanas, which can impact state-threatened burrowing owls and gopher tortoises.

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Reef Rangers

A lionfish in the wild

Be the predator! Reef Rangers pledge to remove lionfish from local reefs. Divers can sign up or join an existing team and non-divers can show support through donations.

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Public Workshops

Learn techniques to control iguanas on your property at an Iguana Technical Assistance workshop or give us feedback at a Burmese Python Management Plan workshop.

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I've Got 1 Reporting

Argentine Black and White Tegu

Have your camera ready! Help FWC biologists manage nonnatives by submitting credible reports. All it takes is a photo, a location, and the date.

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What Fish is This?

Catch an unusual and potentially nonnative fish? Our staff will identify weird and rare fish, and you can do your part to help protect native fishes. 

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What's That Invertebrate?

Pink Meanie Jellyfish

That's no fish, but what is it? Our staff will identify mysterious and potentially nonnative invertebrates like jellyfish and sponges found at beach.

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Help Exotic Pets

Can you give a home to an exotic pet in need? Apply to be an Exotic Pet Amnesty Adopter and help foster responsible pet ownership.

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Man smiling and holding a large snakehead fish

Share your nonnative fish catches with the Fishbrain app. Your fish data helps FWC biologists track and control nonnative fish populations.

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GALS Junior Detectives

A giant African land snail provided via shutterstock

Miami-Dade 5th graders help find and report giant African land snails through this Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services program.

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