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Nonnative Species Public Workshops

Iguana Technical Assistance Workshops

The FWC is hosting Iguana Technical Assistance Public Workshops to help empower homeowners manage this nonnative species on their own property. Learn how you can discourage iguanas from your property and about legal trapping and removal options and regulations pertaining to iguanas. Biologists will provide information and answer questions during these workshops.

Next scheduled Iguana Technical Assistance Workshop: October 29, 2019 at 6:00 PM Emma Lou Civic Center 1801 NE 6th Street Pompano Beach, FL 33060

For more information about the Iguana Technical Assistance Workshops, please contact the FWC's Nonnative Biologist in the Florida Keys or call 305-676-3280.

Closeup of green iguana
2014 class photo

Python Patrol Training Workshops

The FWC is hosting several no-cost workshops aimed to create a network of trained individuals throughout south Florida who know how to identify Burmese pythons, report sightings, and in some cases, capture and remove the snakes. Workshops are limited to 25 participants, and pre-registration is required. Learn about safely capturing Burmese pythons and get hands-on experience with live snakes by attending one of these workshops.

No workshops are currently scheduled.

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