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2014 class photo

Python Patrol is a no-cost training program that aims to create a network of trained individuals throughout south Florida who know how to identify Burmese pythons, report sightings, and in some cases, capture and humanely kill the snakes. Python Patrol training is offered throughout south and southwest Florida.

The trainings are limited to 25 participants and last between two and three hours

Training includes:

  • Information on Burmese pythons in Florida.
  • Safe capture techniques.
  • Rules, regulations and permits.
  • How to find pythons. 
  • Species identification.
  • Data reporting.
  • Hands-on experience catching wild caught pythons.

Upcoming Python Patrol Trainings

These trainings are open and available to the public. Space is limited so participants are encouraged to register early. No prior snake handling experience is required.

To register for an upcoming Python Patrol Training, please click on the time that you would like to attend and sign up using Eventbrite. 

More Python Patrol trainings are coming soon, check back often!

Please note:

  • All participants must register prior to the event using Eventbrite.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present in order to participate.
  • All trainings are free of charge, although there may be parking or access fees at certain locations. Any required fees will be detailed on the registration page for each training.
  • The FWC will consider requests for trainings from interested groups of 12 or more people.

Want to be notified about new trainings? Follow FWC on Twitter. All Python Patrol trainings are announced through our social media platforms.