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Nonnative Pet Owner Resources

Vet Check

The Exotic Pet Amnesty Program connects nonnative pets with qualified adopters. Staff cannot recommend pet services or provide care for pets.

Nonnative pet owners in need of veterinary services may use the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) website to search for a local veterinarian. Please contact veterinary offices directly. Veterinarians listed on the FVMA website do not constitute an endorsement by the FWC.

Veterinarians do not require any special permits to treat nonnative species regulated as Conditional or Prohibited.

Veterinary services are offered by private businesses. Pet owners should expect to be charged for all services.

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Helpful Documents for Pet Owners

Conditional species may be imported and possessed by permitted entities for research, commercial import/export business or public educational exhibition. They may not be acquired or kept as personal pets, with the exception of red-eared sliders, which require a free permit for personal possession.

Prohibited species may no longer be acquired as personal pets. Prohibited species of fish and wildlife pose a high risk to Florida’s ecology, economy or human health and safety.

The Exotic Pet Amnesty Program accepts Conditional and Prohibited species for rehoming and offers temporary amnesty to owners who kept those pets illegally.


Visit the Nonnative Species Permit Page

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